Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mummy Method: Wrap Christmas up for next year

Why yes please!

Hello, it's me again with some tips on how to make next Christmas a bit easier on your wallet/purse and also on your schedule. A bit early to be thinking of next year? Hells to the no! Now is the best time to start! All card shops are trying desperately to shift stock without losing profit by just throwing them out- Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations.. anything Christmas themed, snap it up now.

A card shop near me (local though, not like Birthdays or anything) was having a huge sale where it was 10 rolls of wrapping paper for £1. Remember a week ago it was about £1 for one roll? Make the most of the stock clearing, over buy so you're well stocked for next year and possibly the year after.

Christmas presents are also fantastic at this time of year. January sales! Sure you'll not be able to buy the new gadgets but you'll be able to get well priced stocking fillers and various lovely deals for yourself and your home too! Pay special attention to Argos who will be getting rid of their Christmas trees for the next few weeks.

More ways to lighten the load:
  • Don't overeat on your dinners. Whether it's at you own on your mother's house; freeze leftovers (as soon as the dinner has cooled) for yourself and your family to tuck into. Saves all that waste!
  • Cut Christmas cards to make cute gift tags for next year.
  • Save any gift bags to use next year, as well as any wrapping paper that isn't horribly ripped/scrumpled. It'll do for next year (along with your 10 rolls for £1!)
  • Keep any presents you don't want/like as presents for people during the year (careful not to give to the same person!!)
  • Reuse any bows or ribbon by using sellotape to secure next time you use.
  • To save time keep decorations on your Christmas tree and put ut in a bigger tree box (in the roofspace) for safe storage, so that you don't have to do anything but take it down next year!
  • If you own a pet, a great snow effect for the tree is their fur. Only use the pet's fur after it's cleaned. Be aware of any allergies among family/friends first!

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