Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mummy Method: Cutting down on expenses, wthout cutting anything out

Meneki Hello-neko. Helping aid you in good fortune!
  It's Christmas, things have been very very tight moneywise and I can say with great pride that I know how to help save a wee bit of money.  Nappies are a must and apart from food, the most often purchased item for your wee one, (unless you use non-disposables which is a whole other matter.... ^^;;;), here's what I've been doing the past few months to help ease the pinch.

Boots!! 128 nappies for £20 (48 points) or if you need some more than that, 192 nappies for £30 (72 points). Usually I'd be all for the mega deals on Amazon but in this case the points, (which can go up if you're a member of the Parenting Club, you also get extra discounts and freebies), can help you buy some other things in store, be it gifts for family or a little treat for yourself ^~^

Come to think of it- needed more than nappies. Especially one your wee one is eating different foods and experiencing different tummy reactions. Not to mention they're handy for getting rid of that newly-made jam mural on your wooden flood. Best offer I've seen (I don't claim it to be the best, don't have enough free time to devote to market research) is on Amazon 12 x Packs of 56 (672 Wipes).

I use SMA milk powder (toddler milk) and I found the best place to get it was, again, Boots. Mainly because of the points. Tesco offer good value too, but I use points in Boots to buy my toiletries ^~^;;
When it comes to solids, I hand make meals; pudding rice, roast dinners, cottage pies, different kinds of soups and freeze them. So get lots of great fresh ingredients and a huuuuuuge pot/pan (depending on meal), cook and put into little portions. I use these Lock & Lock Stackable Airtight Containers. It ensures food is undamaged by ice, is a nice portion size for a 1 year olds' meal, is microwave safe for easy thawing and reheating and it stacks for easy storage in the freezer!

Hope this has helpd make room in your budget for some other things.
I'll be sure to post a bit more on the home-made meals.

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