Monday, 2 April 2012

Mummy Numnums: Wee buns

There's an idiom that's used in the UK: "wee buns". It's what you say when something is not to be worried about or is easy. So, making wee buns is wee buns. Not to mention adorable bite size treats for your little one's special occasions.

Piping makes buns more level
Inspired by some adooorable teeny bun cases I had stored away and my upcoming birthday party (which I really want to bake for), I made buns! This time I used a 4:4:6 ratio with less milk than before. I'm getting my mixing technique down which makes the mixture easier to work with.

As we all know the more you have of something, the less likely it'll last any amount of time. Given a full size bun, most would eat it in one go. But when tackled with itty bitty buns in brightly coloured cases, you end up with the manners of a church mouse and demurely nibble your way through.

I ran into difficulty putting using teaspoon-scoop method, but luckily I had an icing syringe from the time when I decided I'd totally do sugarcraft (but had no ingredients >w<). It really makes for lovely, level buns and due to the size it doesn't take long at all to do!!

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