Monday, 12 March 2012

Mummy Numnums: It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

Fresh out of the oven!
I used to love baking, but since moving out of my mums nearly 3 years ago I havn't really thought about doing it. So I gathered together my silicone moulds that I've been saving for a special ocassion and did a tiny shop for necessary baking goods. I donned my cupcake mitts and baked for the first time on my own for over three years.

I did a test run yesterday (without being fully prepared) and I used a 2:2:4 ratio. Today I opted for a bigger mix of 4:4:6 with milk added to help the mix spread into the moulds.

Last time was terrible as the mix was more like a cookie dough than a cake batter, which is the way I made them when I was little. It's good for bun cases, but not for shaping ^^;;;

Now, I'm not sure how to stop the browning. I think it requires slightly better timing. But at least the buns all held their shape!! Yay!

I hope to make this Mummy Numnums a new section as I'm baking/cooking more of a range of things. And I'm proud of my wee creations >w<

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